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Apr 28, 2021
In Share Your Memory
Watching you grow and develop into this Amazing person touching so many people has been absolutely one of the great joys in my life. Since the moment I heard, I have thought of you often, in our big moments and our small ones. One memory will always stand out and I forever will cherish. It was the final days of your 20th year and you arrived on my doorstep in Berlin. Your brother introduced your crew and was by your side, ready for whatever I put in front of you all. After a couple of days of Berlin sites and sounds we made our way to the middle of nowhere Germany to celebrate the big 2-1 at MELT. I got to introduce you to some friends and build some memories but with the weekend coming to an end one of the great moments just happened and will forever be etched in my mind. As the final moments of your 20th year were coming to an end, standing under moon and stars... the crowd starts to sit around you and Jimmy. A hundred plus people start to drop tens of them new friends confetti in hand. TEN, the countdown had begun. NINE-EIGHT, more people realized what was going on dropped to their knees, SEVEN- SIX- FIVE-FOUR by this time it was not just our friends it was a growing crowd counting down, THREE- TWO you finally realize how many people are down around you, eyes wide, and as if the dj could tell what was going on... ONE! The beat burst out from the speakers, confetti showered the midnight air and the crowd sprang up in celebration. 21! A moment of pure joy amongst friends I’ll cherish it forever. The rest of that weekend was just a blur, but this moment I will always have. Just wish I had the video. You made each moment great and I am thankful for the moments we shared because they all had impact. Rest now and I’ll keep you in my heart.


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